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 Downwinders At Risk - Press Room: Rick Perry’s Smoke Stack Love World Tour

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rick Perry’s Smoke Stack Love World Tour

“The Float that TXU Doesn’t Want You to See” Hits the Road Again
to Publicize Public Hearings on Perry Air Plan for DFW

(Dallas--) Today Downwinders At Risk announces a sequel to the infamous “ Rick Perry’s Smoke Stack Love World Tour.” The group’s controversial 12-by-16 foot Mardi Gras-style float of a stack-smooching Governor Perry will be on the road again in DFW to promote public protest of a new state air quality plan for North Texas.

Last seen on a widely-publicized statewide tour in October, this time the giant editorial cartoon will stay in the DFW area, shadowing the three public hearings on Governor Perry’s new DFW air plan that begin tonight (Wednesday) at 7 in Dallas’ Central Public Library downtown, move to Arlington’s City Hall at 2 pm on Thursday, and end in Midlothian Civic Center at 6 pm Thursday evening.

The float will be on hand for tonight’s scheduled 6:30 pm kick-off press conference in front of the Dallas Public Library called by public health and environmental groups before testimony starts.

Although Downwinders was threatened with a lawsuit by TXU over the use of its corporate logo on the dirty smoke stack Perry is puckering up to kiss on the float, the group isn’t worried about what its members call the utility’s scare tactics. “As long as the first amendment is being enforced in this country, we’re safe,” stated board member Becky Bornhorst of DeSoto.

Bornhorst believes the float is the best, if also the most humorous, embodiment of the widespread view that the proposed Perry Air Plan for DFW is the culmination of an unhealthy coziness with the state’s largest industrial polluters. “Things like this new plan are the reason the float was made,” she said. “It represents some of the tightest intertwining of state government with corporate power we’ve ever seen. It’s turned the state into one of the biggest purveyors of junk science. All because Governor Perry puts his relationship with large corporations above those of the public at large.”